Progress on game engine

Over the last week there have been a lot of meetings about the game engine, physics implementations and still trying to decide between voxel pixel style and low poly.

Our 3D artist is coming back from his vacation by the end of the week so I’m expecting more progress with the models then.

We have switched from IRC to Discord which I have found very pleasant to use despite some of it’s quirks. If you haven’t already feel free to join our server, you can also find the link on our website or just click here:

I asked our lead coder, Bensku, to write a few words for you:

“Hello, Bensku here! The foundation of our code base is coming along nicely. We have currently 3 different code "folders" (well, sub projects, but whatever). We have the client, the server (self-explanatory) and then we have the common code between those two. The common code and parts of the server will eventually become our public modding API. I am trying to write good docs for all of them. I started the coding of Rituals from the common code and from the basics. I defined what "block", " chunk" and "world" actually meant. After that, I moved to writing the server. It was way more complex; Java multi threading is often very... interesting. Right now I'm writing networking code on server side - easy, but time-consuming stuff. In the mean time, our other new programmer, Kosshi (welcome!), will take a look at the different rendering techniques and how it might be possible to use them with game engine that we have.”

Some random code

Oh, that’s right! We have now a fourth member, Kosshi, who is our new coder prodigy and will be responsible for the renderer’s code and for all kinds of crazy math magic.

Sorry, no fancy pictures - yet.

We also have one community volunteer sound man, Kaketeus, who has been researching and developing new languages for us to be used in the game.

There will probably be three languages in Rituals. The language of the people, which will be a consonant rich language. The language of the ancients, which will be a language spoken mostly by terrible and old creatures forgotten by time. It will be guttural language with plethora of s-sounds. And finally the language of the starborn which possibly won’t be integrated in the game until at a later time. It will be a language which has evolved from the languages of the long since forgotten birth home of the human race (this all happens ~a hundred thousand years into the future from our timeline) which will take influences from the latin family.

That’s it for now. I will try posting some more progress in a week or so.

Also a big thank you to all of you. The community has been great and very supportive of our project. Thank you! And please keep those ideas and feedback coming!

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