Game engine test v2

Technical test is up

Looking for a 3D animator

Star and serpent is looking for a 3D animator to join Rituals of the old! We will also consider thoroughly all applications from proficient Java coders experienced with voxel game technologies.

Check out our jobs section at Indiedb:

Technical testing is up and running!

Engine test v2

After 6 months of hard work milestone 2 is finally out and we have our first closed technical test up and running.

- Launcher
- Registration
- Verification server
- Multiplayer game server
- Game client

It doesn't look very pretty at the moment. We have several bugs with player models missing textures, buggy animations and things not displaying correctly. Server side physics tracking is a bit buggy too, chat UI is still missing and the world itself is just a crude little box - for now.

On the bright side all the technical thingamajigs behind the scenes have been working above all expectations and we should be able to be well on our way towards milestone 3 soon.

This article was updated on 21/10/18 @ 12:07