Star and serpent
Based in Finland

Founding date:
June 6, 2016


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Rituals Of The Old



Star and serpent is a small indie game studio from Finland. We're currently working on our first game Rituals of the old.


Early history

Star and serpent game studio was founded in mid 2016 by Poika "Pilvinen" Pilvimaa to produce Rituals of the old. The motivation for creating Rituals of the old came from the thousands of development hours spent on modding (expanding and modifying) other games and finally hitting a wall on what the other game engines were capable of. Frustrated by this restriction on his creativity Poika Pilvimaa realized that it was crazy to put so much development time on games made by other people when it would be possible to make your own game with the same amount of effort. Poika Pilvimaa quickly recruited Bensku, a talented coder whom he knew from the modding scene, to join the endeavor as Star and serpent's lead coder. The game's development started out with no funding and everyone was working on it without compensation on their free time.

Later developments

The first couple of months saw a lot of changes in the team's composition with people coming and going. Star and serpent which had started out as a Finnish team had now included talented members from all over the US, Spain, Netherlands and Brazil. Currently the team consists of 7 people most of whom are from Finland. Star and serpent doesn't have a physical office. All of the work is done over the internet.



Rituals of the old: First historic game engine test YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

    Rituals of the old
    Rituals of the old official website https://www.ritualsoftheold.com.

    Development blog
    Rituals of the old development blog. starandserpent.com.

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    "Pilvinen" Poika Pilvimaa
    Project leader


    Game designer

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