Wagon undercarriage

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Wagon undercarriage

Been working on an undercarriage of a wagon. The idea is that players can build their own horse drawn wagons and carriages block by block on top of undercarriage. The wagon can be made livable and is designed to fit in bed, wood fired stove, etc.

Not sure how detailed I want to make the crafting of the undercarriage. A lot of study has gone into understanding how these things work and how they are constructed.

I think I’d like it personally if you had to make all the parts one by one and put it all together bolt by bolt, nail by nail - without any instructions or UI to guide you of course. But… I’m not sure. It might not appeal to the majority of players and it would be a lot of work to model, animate and code.

Perhaps some kind of compromise with some work phases skipped or combined. I have to think about it.

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