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About us

Star and Serpent was founded pretty much on a whim in 6/6/2016 by "Pilvinen" Poika Pilvimaa to develop an ambitious voxel game project, Rituals of the old, after years of modding on the Minecraft platform. The project was later placed on a prolonged hiatus, but Star and Serpent survived.

Working on games was a childhood dream of mine back in the 80s. I was a huge fan of the early Sierra adventure games, and role playing games such as Ultima 4, Ultima 7: Black Gate, Ultima 7 part 2: Serpent Isle have played a prominent role as games that influenced me. I also played a lot of the original Nethack, and Omega by the Laurence Brothers growing up. The role playing games of the 80s and 90s have been, and still are, a big inspiration to me.

When ever I played games with my friends growing up I always wanted to explore the limits of what you could do in games. And it was constant frustration to notice that the interesting things you could do in games were always limited by the imagination - and time - of the developers. The cool looking things and machines in the background were just that, background. You couldn't interact with them.

I think this is why I was so excited when I first discovered Minecraft. It was a game that allowed you to build your own world, and do things that the developers never even thought of. It was a game that allowed you to build your own machines, and create your own stories. I spent years of my life modding Minecraft to the limits of the game engine. It was then when I first realized that with a "little bit" of extra effort (heh) I could very well be making my own games.

I've always been detail oriented and more interested in the small details rather than the grand strokes.

This also shows in what we do at Star and Serpent. Our games are about exploring the world and exploring who you are and who you can become. They are about the small details, and the small stories. They are about the little things that make our game-lives worth living.