Martha the carrion spirit. Concept art bust model.
Martha the carrion spirit. Concept art bust model. Kreaptuus

Models, animations, and code

Winter holidays are over and we're back at it.

Coding has slowed down

Our lead coder, Bensku, has started his military service and we're currently down to one active coder. We're trying to recruit new people, but until we find someone this is really slowing things down.

Facial animations

We decided to scrap our plans of using morph target animations for the facial animations. We couldn't get custom normals data intact down our pipeline and it was causing seams issues with the modular face design. Due to this we are reverting back to traditional bone animations and we have combined the separate objects as one mesh.

This approach will cause us extra work compared to morph target animations, but the end result for the players will be relatively the same.

Modular hair

We are now using modular hair with four different objects: left side, right side, top, and back. The hair will grow over time and you will be able to cut it and style it for yourself and for others.


Smaller branches

We've been adding some smaller branches for the trees and we're currently working on the leaves. We are most likely going to be using planes instead of blocks for the leaves. Testing some stuff out. More on that later.


This article was updated on 11/01/19 @ 15:21